Liste des produits du fournisseur André Lacroix

André Lacroix has an exceptional record of value-creation at every company he has ever led. Beyond that, over the years, he has become a recognised authority on sustainability in the corporate world. In Leadership with Soul, André Lacroix reveals his model for business success, built over more than three decades with world-leading organisations such as Ernst & Young, Colgate Palmolive, PepsiCo, Burger
King, Euro Disney, Inchcape, Reckitt Benckiser and Intertek.
Lacroix attributes his success to taking an empathetic, humanist approach to driving sustainable value for all: customers, employees, shareholders, communities and society as a whole. He has consistently applied this thinking to address the different challenges he has faced wherever he has worked:
• Ernst & Young: auditing major public companies and banks in West Africa
• Colgate: growing Colgate megabrands in France and Germany
• PepsiCo: listening to the voice of the consumer to build brand icons
• Burger King International: re-positioning the Burger King brand for outperformance
• Disneyland Paris: sustainable growth based on the insights from its biggest fans – the resort’s 12,000 ‘cast members’
• Inchcape: building trust by identifying and exceeding real customer needs
• Reckitt Benckiser: serving on the Board of one of the fastest growing consumer goods companies in the world
• Intertek: applying the principles of Total Quality Assurance to make the world ever-better for everyone