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Of nanotechnology to synthetic biology
Pierre Couveinhes
5 Foreword: Toward responsible innovation
Dr. Françoise Roure

I. Synthetic biology and electronics of the future: technological breakthroughs into perspective
Synthetic biology: developments, opportunities and challenges
Professor François Képès
15 Synthetic biology: a structuring rapid technological landscape, scientific and international institutional requires public investment to meet the challenges
Dr. Françoise Roure
21 The contribution of nanotechnology to future electronics
Michel Brillouet

II. Innovative industrial applications
30 The contribution of nanotechnology to open innovation and an industry group responsible for
François Monnet
39 The therapeutic nanoparticles: a novel pathway for radiotherapy applied to cancer
Elsa Borghi, Patricia Said, Agnès Pottier and Laurent Levy

III. The central role of metrology and standardization
The terminology for nanotechnology at the heart of normative processes
Daniel Bernard
54 The metrology tool of total quality management in the industries of nanotechnology
Jean-Marc Aublant
63 Risk management "nano", a major challenge for European industry
An entrepreneurial approach
Patrick Chéene

IV. Ethics labeling: the supply of nano-proof societal demands
68 Transparency in innovation
Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent
74 Ethical issues raised by nanotechnology
Professor Göran Hermerén
83 Foreign summaries

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