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1 Editorial
Pierre Couveinhes
5 Introduction
Claude Trink
7 The new financing tools in the industry and their implementation in the Nord-Pas de Calais
François Yoyotte
14 The Estates General of Industry: a catalyst for Lorraine
Eric Pierrat
19 How the department of Oise struggle against the de-industrialization
Claude Trink
29 The FDR 35, county funds to revitalize the Ille-et-Vilaine
Jacques Garau
36 Industrial restructuring in the Arve Valley
Gerard Cascino
43 Conversion - successful - a company of Franche-Comte in the wind
Gilles Cassotti
49 The potential for diversification: the case of a French paper manufacturer site
Pascal Clément, Jean-Jacques Bordes et Dominique Lachenal
59 research and higher education, an issue in the economic battle in the territories
Daniel Fixari and Frédérique Pallez
65 Platforms of innovation: factors of regional competitiveness
Romain Beaume and Vincent Susplugas
70 Creating jobs in the territories: some prospective industrial investment in France
Gilles Le Blanc

74 The Nano : Applications and Issues
Ilarion Pavel
85 Foreign summaries

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