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1  Editorial

Pierre Couveinhes


5   Foreword: A new role for engineers?

Marie-Josèphe Carrieu-Costa


Work: Changing conceptions and practices


11  Work, employment, activity — Social history

Annie Fouquet


16  Working… or measuring work?

Marie-Ange Cotteret, Anne-Marie Breuil and Danièle Bretelle-Desmazières


22  Controlling work: From verifying the conformity of operations to blocking initiatives

Philippe Zarifian


27   The subjective precariousness of work?

Danièle Linhart


35   Information and communication technology and the

contents of work

Christophe Elie-dit-Cosaque


40   What if work were explained in terms of gift-giving?

Laetitia Pihel


46   The gift paradigm, a critique or a lesson in management?

Norbert Alter


Work and engineers: Yesterday, today and tomorrow


52   Mining Corps engineers and changes in occupational safety in mine work during the 19th and 20thcenturies

Jean-Louis Escudier


60   The changing role of engineers

Emmanuelle Verger


63  What kind of engineers does the state now need?

Fabrice Dambrine


70   The jobs of engineers, a source of innovation in Europe

Philippe Brunet and Fabrice Comptour


74   The reality of the engineer’s work and changes in it

Claude Maury


83   Training engineers in school and on the job

Cyril Faure


90   Engineers, stakeholders in the changing world of work

Pascal Fournier


95   The era of the finite world has opened…

Thierry Gaudin



105    Work through history and texts 

Appendix2 of the report by the committee chaired by Jean Boissonnat, “Le travail dans 20 ans” [Work in twenty years], Commissariat général du Plan, 1995.


113   IN MEMORIAM: Maurice Allais

Marcel Boiteux


Issue editors: Marie-Josèphe Carrieu-Costa and Pierre





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See the Number 1

See the Number 1

Also available in epub format

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