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Germany: A model

for French industry?

Issue editor

Gerald Lang


Pierre Couveinhes

Foreword : Europe and Germany need a competitive France

Gerhard Cromme

Germany’s strategy for coping with a globalized economy

Jean-Louis Beffa

Towards an ethics for industry: The lessons drawn from Bosch

Guy Maugis

“Codetermination” in Germany: Employee participation in a cooperative business model

Sebastian Sick

German-style management, an unknown asset?

Gerald Lang and Nicolas Mottis

Apprenticeship stands surety for Germany’s ability to innovate

Isabelle Bourgeois

The policy of innovation and university-company collaboration: The Fraunhofer institutes

Wolfgang Knapp

The cost of labor and corporate taxes

François Hellio and Christophe Jolk

The role of regional banks in financing the German economy

Frank Eloy

A strategy different from France’s: German energy policy

Rolf Linkohr

A little known success in the German economy: Agribusiness, a solid innovative partner in a globalized food industry

Christoph Minhoff

Specific to Germany, the mittelstand

Gerald Lang


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