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Editorial [extrait BMI 140]

Author : Darolles Serge
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Auteurs :Darolles Serge
Extrait de la revue BMI 140


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Bankers, Markets &...
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  • Relationships between Trading Volume, Stock Returns and Volatility: Evidence from the French Stock Market
  • Violating United Nations Global Compact Principles: An Event Study
  • Investigating a Fund Return Distribution when the Value of the Fund under Management is Irregularly Observed
  • Intergenerational Risk Trading and the Innovative Role of Equity- Wage Swaps
Bankers, Markets &...
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  • Risk-Based and Factor Investing
  • Expected Credit Loss vs. Credit Value Adjustment: A Comparative Analysis
  • Analyst Earnings Forecasts, Individual Investors’ Expectations and Trading Volume
  • Changing Dynamic Relationships between Stock and Bond Markets in Crises
  • Do Regulatory and Supervisory Reforms Affect European Bank Stability
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