The Future of Syro-Lebanese Relations

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Violent political crisis in Syria since March 2011
quickly found a continuation in Lebanon, with the support
displayed its various insurgent factions and opposition
on the one hand, or to power other. Such positioning is
surprising since Syria was and remains an influential player in
Cedar countries even if it appears regrettable that it is
not stay away from these seizures, emphasizing strict
neutrality, which had not been observed more in the years
1970 about the Palestinian conflict, with consequences that we
knows. After recalling the recent developments in
security, political or economic in Lebanon, he will, according
different assumptions likely to impose Syria
(collapse followed by an Islamist alternating anarchy without winners or
defeated, maintaining a minimum the plan) to imagine to what extent and how
so they may or may not impact the nature and importance of relationships
the Land of the Cedars, which would certainly have
consequences at the regional or international level.

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