Live together but separately? Projects federation in Lebanon bet

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Based on a study conducted in Lebanon between 2008 and 2010, this article
the issue of federalism, that is to say, the demand for autonomy
increased political faith groups in a united state
but not unitary, to establish the Permanent Civil Peace. I will mention
First, the historical and political context in which the claims
Federalists appeared, while drawing the profile of the actors who
have brought. I will then try to account for the construction
intellectual of the federalist doctrine, which revolves around three axes:
First, the desire to ensure sustainable physical security for all
groups, and secondly, the total freedom in the cultural and
Religious and third, absolute equality between Christians and Muslims,
prevention of all forms of marginalization of Lebanese Christians. after
have presented three projects federation and their authors, I conclude
with an overview of the current period.

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