Games without frontiers: border populations in Southeast TurkeyG

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A long series of studies showed that the presence of a boundary induced
usually lasting impact on the organization and management
field. More than just a route, it generates effects that persist in
representations and practices. Picouet Patrick and Jean-Pierre Renard
clearly shown in a synthetic work on the genesis and logic
borders in the world 1. Karine Bennafla also explains that
since the late 1980s, more and more studies have been subject to
this issue as evidenced by his extensive bibliography 2. This interest
was largely developed about various African countries, America
Central and Latin or even Europe. Work on Africa such as
Johny Egg, Emmanuel Gregory Pascal Labazée or Javier Herrera 3
analyze for example the gradual emergence of a merchant class, resulting in substantial trading profits and power struggles.
Similarly, Lawrence A. Herzog insists on these four market dimensions
when he mentions the "urban bead" to designate the area between
the United States of Mexico, turning the border into a "membrane
highly permeable "some 160,000 Mexican workers crossed
officially the border every day between 1950 and 1980, excluding
the estimated one hundred thousand illegal migrants or installation
by American firms on the Mexican side of assembly plants to
have a labor exploited at thank you. Laurent FARET analyzes
transformation of these flows as a result of regional integration
5 in North America. Similarly, research conducted by Claudio Bolzman
and Marie Vial 6 on border labor in Europe, and more specifically
the massive recruitment since the early 1970s by companies
Geneva of French workers, also reflects the significance of
economic dimensions.

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