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1 Editorial
Pierre Couveinhes
5 Introduction
Jean-Claude Daumas, Gerard GayotPhilippe Minard and Didier Terrier
7 Foreword: For a reconciliation between researchers in management and economic historians
Claude Riveline

Categories of practices
The mental tool changers, France, in the late Middle Ages
Yves Coativy
19 To each, his business vision. Merchants of the sea and the interior (Brittany Castilla Andalusia, sixteenth century)
Jean-Philippe Priotti
29 The goldsmith jewelry and the estimated value of the jewels in the Holy Roman Empire in the early seventeenth century: the affirmation and the organization of a specialized market
Vincent Demont

Representations of economic
35 Nahrung, corporations and the market in Germany in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries: historiographical debates and Renewals
Guillaume Garner
41 Commerce and Trade real thought in Britain in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century: a contribution to the negotiating history of mentalities (Nantes, Lorient, Brest, Morlaix and St. Malo, 1789-1817)
Karine Audran
49 To say the refusal of the machines: working petitions and representations of the economic order in France, 1848
François Jarrige
56 Metayer at Casa Spalletti (1821 to 1922): a perfect business partner?
Marie-Lucie Rossi

The intellectual horizon of the bosses
64 The economic thought of Eugene Schneider (1846-1851)
Agnes D'Angio-Barros
72 "But what I see with a real fear ..." Confessions of Henri Sieber (1804-1882), trader in Paris to the kingdom which the major manufacturers are kings
Sylvie Vaillant-Gabet
81 The banker Armand Compound: the "disaster myopia" in intellectual blindness
Christophe Lastécouères
92 The words to say: the autobiographies of (very large) business contemporary
Catherine Vuillermot

When the state thinks the economy
101 The statistical survey of Archduke Rainer Joseph of Austria in Bohemia (1806)
Fanny Billod
109 Productivity, new indicator of a growing economy (France, 1950)
Regis Boulat
118 The mental equipment of the rapporteurs of the Commission's audit of public enterprises (1948-1976)
Daniel Berthereau
123 Abstracts foreign

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See the Number 1

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