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The looks that cross the organization establish mental images and artefactual labor and its leaders supplying the media market of belief. Even universally ignored, these images are not so far wrong. Even unanimously adopted, they become not make them truths. In a democracy legitimized by public opinion, the bills from which budgets are available and standards, images depend largely shared, truths and errors combined. Established to capture images of the work and its officials and assess their relevance, researchers collected 21 1150 pictures passing through various channels (31 portraits, 140 questionnaires, 160 cognitive maps, 177 books and 642 Rex). It is clear that images of suffering and working-responsible-stalker "hold" three quarters of the discursive spaces as they describe only 5% to 15% of the reality experienced by employees. One can legitimately question the scope of this deployment inflationary flirts with what to name falsification? Formulation of psychosocial and political struggles against wage labor, this imagery would feed it to the revolt against the father, to maintain that against authority and against their symbolic equivalents? Requirement maternal compassion providential, this imaging, maintaining a generalized regression abreuveraitelle the media and politicians? While Western standards triumph, is it possible that this transgression of Moira, which requires each law duty to take its share of misfortune, accelerates the Nemesis in France and in Latin Europe in decline, as in Greece early 2010 and that this collapse requires a time the French novel strong social restrictions, along with a strong return to individual responsibility in obtaining resources?

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