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The ocean and its resources
Issue editor: Jacques Serris
Frédéric Cuvillier
Jacques Serris
Oceanic resources: The potential? Evolving techniques?
The ocean, a dynamic source of business, wealth and growth
Francis Vallat
For a sustainable management of fishing
Philippe Cury
Changes in fishing techniques and their consequences
Pierre-Georges Dachicourt and Émilie Gélard
Major issues in fish farming in France and around the world
Chantal Cahu
Spontaneous algae, farmed algae and their uses
Yannick Lerat
The industrialized production of microalgae
Pierre Calleja

Marine materials (gravel, maerl…)
David CLAVELEAU, Nicolas DELSINNE, Agnès GARCON, Thierry HAUCHARD, Laetitia PAPORE and Christophe VERHAGUE
The ocean’s mineral resources
State of knowledge about mineral deposits
Yves Fouquet
Energy from the sea: Future sources
Georgina Grenon and Julien Thomas
Geopolitical aspects: Issues, tensions and 
Reciprocal influences between the legal status of maritime zones and of marine resources
Niki Aloupi
Zones, a revolutionary concept or an unrealistic dream?
Élie Jarmache
For an effective, sustainable governance of the oceans
Christophe Lefebvre
France’s maritime strategy and its prospects
Hervé Moulinier
Maritime policy and marine research in Europe: Between the conquest of the seas and the protection of the environment
Waddah Saab


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