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Fieldwork in firms: Introduction - by Michel VILLETTE, professor of sociology at Agro-ParisTech and researcher at Maurice Halbwachs Center (ÉNS/ÉHÉSS/CNRS)

Focus on making numbers: Fieldwork on a risk committee - by Nicolas MEUNIER, doctoral student, LAMES (University of Aix-Marseille)

The art of business: A fieldwork view of a hypermarket’s local management - by Mathieu HOCQUELET, postdoctoral student, Maurice Halbwachs Center (ÉHÉSS) 

Selling store cards, an introduction to the social branding of dematerialized money - by Hélène DUCOURANT, associate professor, University of Paris Est Marne-La Vallée

The impact of variable pay: Real-time observations in the financial industry - by Olivier STUL, doctoral student, Maurice Halbwachs Center (ÉHÉSS/ÉNS)

“Techniques” as an activity or a shared idea: Fieldwork in an aeronautics firm’s R&D - by Hadrien COUTANT, doctoral student, Center of the Sociology of Organizations (Sciences Po)

Cutting HR costs? Fieldwork on setting up shared services in Human Resources in a multinational corporation - by Nathalie MERAI, doctoral student, EHESS

May I challenge you a little? Transmitting knowledge and the rules of managerial sociability - by Benoit GAUTIER, doctoral student in sociology

Specialized insurance agents, entrepreneurs under pressure - by Luca BARTOLOMEI



Alain MAX GUENETTE (Haute École de Gestion Arc, Neuchâtel)  - What’s an economist good for? A survey on new technologies of government: On Mariana HEREDIA’s, À quoi sert un économiste? Enquête sur les nouvelles technologies de gouvernement (Paris: Éditions de La Découverte, 2014).

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