Arab revolts between citizens and community requirements folds

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Protests facing the Arab world since the
early 2011 were motivated by economic demands
(cost of living, unemployment, public transport, access to housing,
medical care, education, drinking water, etc..), political (freedom
organization - political, trade union and cultural - rule of law, elections
free and fair elections, freedom of the press, independence of the judiciary,
etc..) and moral (rejection of corruption and malfeasance, abolition of
monopolies, respect on the part of law enforcement, consideration vis-à-vis
sacred values - religion, homeland, customs -, etc.).. these claims
of various kinds have joined and maintained mutually
as has been observed in various Arab countries affected by
the protest. If the line is usually the uniqueness lies in the dosages
between these applications vary depending on the situation and reflect
parameters associated with each type of crisis.

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