Conflict resolution: the role of interpersonal relationships in

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Relationships between retailers and foreign suppliers
local emerging countries raise the question of mutual adjustment
between actors from different cultures and with different levels of
development. Modes of mutual adjustment concerns both
conflicts and their resolution. In this research, we focus
the efficiency of exchanges between the major food distributors and
their suppliers. This is primarily based on logistic service
to reduce the cost of getting goods from the factory
to the outlets while providing sufficient surface reactivity
the uncertainties of final demand. Although this criterion is taken into logistics
account in the selection process of suppliers, large distributors
in Morocco continue to face the failure of a large logistics
of their suppliers (delivery not met, deliveries
non-compliant, high in linear rate of rupture, etc.). 1. this
dissatisfaction distributors that would be linked in part to skills
poorly controlled logistics providers is often a source of conflict
and tensions between the two players in the distribution channel.

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