Islamic resistance in Southern Lebanon (1982-2010): construction

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Early March 2010, on the eve of the inauguration of the new table
established by the national government dialogue Saad Hariri formed
few months ago and limited to the discussion of a strategy
national defense, various representatives of Hezbollah expressed to
clarify that this instance of dialogue would not question
arming the party. For their part, Christian political
March 14 highlighted the contradiction between the logic of the state as
monopoly of legitimate physical violence and the persistence of a militia
army. At the same time, in an interview with a Saudi newspaper
Arabia 1, the President of the Lebanese Republic stated that, in the
case of an Israeli attack on Lebanon, the resistance was due to the
relay of the Lebanese army in case the latter was defeated and
enemy troops entered the country. These jacks
position clearly illustrate the role that Hezbollah holds on
Lebanese military scene, in addition to its traditional role of Shiite party. more
yet they show that the Party of God is immediately concerned with
defense of the national territory in the event of invasion. It is therefore directly
related to security issues and, since 2000, has been an advocate in both
his statements in his actions, the southern border against companies

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