DP2015131 Art. Palace: there is distinction, and then there is distinction

Author : MICHAUD Jean-Luc
Type d'édition : Papier
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Luxury hotels get the label "Palace" only if they meet many rigorous criteria, like a totally dedicated to its customers staff, luxurious services, exceptional location, etc. once the label deserved, palaces undergo regular checks that verify that they are still in line with what is expected of these prestigious institutions : excellence is guaranteed. However, despite these precautions, it appears that some palaces are subject to unfair competition through booking sites. indeed, uncontrollable ratings of these sites threaten the reputation of several palaces giving them an image that does not match the reality of what a Palace.

Keywords : Classification, stars, cultural resources, geographical resources, climate resources, luxury, internationally renowned, prestige, concept marketing, excellence, geographical distribution, guide, grading site, booking site, uncontrollable commercial sites, opinions, comments, reputation, unfair competition.

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