The Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad to the test NGOs

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On 2 July 2009, the Syrian president, accompanied by his wife, attended
The ceremony organized by the Syria Trust for Development to
mark the launch of the observatory Massar, one of the four projects
Trust, of promoting "in the young people of Syria has deeper
understanding and appreciation of Their World, and empower em as
Actively Contribute to Individuals and Their future positively in building 1. "
Far from being anecdotal, the presence of the President and First Lady
this event is highly symbolic. the message
the two guests of honor addressed the Syrian society has been set in stone: "Walk to the future instead of waiting. "This powerful
Government Operated Non-Governmental Organization (GO-NGO) 2
founded in 2007 by the wife of the president, embodies the new draft
company Bashar al-Assad focused on the principles of "development" of
"responsibility" and "partnership". On the website of the association is
can thus read as a statement: "The Syria Trust for Development
is at the forefront of the emerging NGO sector in Syria, at a time When the
country is Actively Pursuing a substantial businesses agenda for change. We are setting
standards Encouraging professional development, and Fostering effective
cooperation betweens NGOs, government and the private sector 3. "

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