The IGP Argan between patrimonial and commodification of resourc

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The qualifiers do not miss about argan oil "green gold" of
Morocco, natural and cultural heritage of the Berber societies arganeraie
and humanity, with many virtues oil (nutritional, therapeutic,
cosmetics). Fruit from a tree endemic become emblematic
the fight against desertification 2, this product has just received the first three geographical indication (PGI) of the African continent. commodity
popular with chefs, eaten in fine dining
Paris or New York, sold via the Internet and the "organic" market
developed countries, it is currently the most expensive edible oil in
world. Incorporated into cosmetic and medical products, patented
the United States or Europe, it is marketed in this form
around 160 euros per liter of pure oil. The shopping craze
for this oil, however, is new, as well as its differentiation
two products targeting different markets: food and cosmetics.
It dates back to the 1990s, when chemists (Charrouf
and others) have confirmed its many properties, including
antimicrobial and antioxidant. Helped by a strong hype
argan oil sees its demand increase rapidly in various markets,
national and international, especially since this recognition

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