RI2014200 SEE THE NUMBER 2: What automobile industry for france in twenty years?

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What automobile industry for France in twenty years?

Introduction: The automobile industry, a private and public issue for France - Pascal FAURE


I - Making cars in France

Making cars tomorrow in France: Utopia ? - Philippe VARIN

There is no French “fatality” in manufacturing - Carlos GHOSN

What automobile industry in twenty years? - Didier LEROY

II - The prospects for car parts and equipment

The prospects for car equipment makers - Jacques ASCHENBROICH

Smartphones, the automobile’s future? - Guy Maugis and Franck CAZENAVE

III - The evolving automobile industry


The PFA’s role confirmed - Michel ROLLIER

Chains of added value in the automobile industry - Serge CATOIRE

An academic’s viewpoint: How to understand change? - Bernard JULLIEN

Quality, a source of value for the automobile industry and related services - Lydie EVRARD

Engineering firms and the automobile industry - Cyril ROGER

IV - New technologies, new services, new stakeholders?

On the road toward a private vehicle that consumes only two liters per hundred kilometers - Olivier APPERT

Automatic steering: A buzz or an industrial reality? - Arnaud DE LA FORTELLE

Is growing individual mobility compatible with the fight against climate change? - Dominique AUVERLOT


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