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TITLE : Transformations in advertising

Foreword - Pierre COUVEINHES


1. Advertising and the Internet — An acceleration

Which media landscape in 2020? “Barbarian invasions”, second season: Digital dictatorship - Bertrand BEAUDICHON, Alain BUSSON and Chrystèle BAZIN

Growth, stagnation and metamorphosis of the advertising trade in France - Philippe LEGENDRE

Reinventing the mail media - Éric TROUSSET

The advertising industry, direct communication and personal data — From mass communication to a targeted, fragmented, multichannel approach: Data, the core of communication - Didier FARGE, Nathalie PHAN PLACE and Anne BERIOT-CAYLA

Investing in a time of recession: Centering strategies around consumers thanks to new digital technology - Athénaïs RIGAULT and CLAUDIE VOLAND-RIVET

The media, advertising and audience measurement - Philippe TASSI


2. New techniques, new uses

Substitution or co-evolution between advertising media: Television, tablets, consoles, communicating devices, etc. - David LACOMBLED and Christophe DANE

A collaborative research project on audience measurement and new advertising formats  - Fabienne ANDRO

Advertising in the social media era: A matter of subtlety - Christophe DESHAYES

The rise of ultra-tailored advertising - Christiane SAWADOGO

New devices, new uses: Communication opportunities for brands - Denis GAUCHER and Livia LAMON

The emergence of ad space, an opportunity for a new industry - Gérard LALLEMENT, Jacques SERRIS and Dominique VARENNE


3. New advertising vectors: The societal impact?

Focus on the user : quand la publicité se met au service de l’utilisateur  - Nick LEEDER and Patrick HENEGHAN

Communication processes - Louis-François PAU

Emerging technology and digital marketing - Jirasri DESLIS and Jean-Claude MOISIGNAC

Advertising gambling, responsible? The case of online poker - Brice BASTIE and Stéphane MARTIN

Between shaping fantasy and mutating values, does advertising have any limits? - Étienne Armand AMATO


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