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The global energy landscape that has changed in less than twenty years, is poised for a new revolution with the massive introduction of renewable energy, new technologies involved, and more and more intelligence in the networks energy, in the management of demand and supply. In this context, industrial and economic competition looks tough. Innovation is a key success factor in this battle. France has the advantages
for the win, with its world-scale industrial and research centers in the foreground. It must now put more emphasis on the upstream, that is to say about supporting the development of industrial sectors, as well as research and innovation, choosing the sectors of excellence on which it can become a world leader. We will show examples of steps initiated in France in photovoltaics and batteries, the sectors need to continue to support and develop.

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This article intends to celebrate thirty years of Myriam, this amazing ad campaign that moved the France of 1981 alone, revealing the underside of the eponymous model, according to promise more and more daring: "On September 2, take off the top" "on September 4, I remove the bottom" ... in replaying with care and passion striptease Myriam, the article will show that, thirty years later, this gesture is eternal because with Myriam, there are always below to below. This amazing yarrow advertising allows us to approach (but not to know) the hidden springs of teasing seductions of advertising and commercial curiosity.

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