The construction of a Kurdish territory in Syria: an ongoing pro

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Unlike Alawites and Druze, the Kurds have
not a stable and defined territorial base. In my previous
work on the Druze region 1, I have tried to show that
Druze have gradually built a community in the territory
Southern Syria. The implantation space Druze - Jebel - is
became a territory after a long process of construction and
ownership that took several centuries to complete. They
repeatedly defended against the Turks, so that
territory and Druze elites that controlled, could enter
in the twentieth century with a socio-spatial cohesion enough
pretend to play an important role on the national scene in
construction. Become a time of Jebel Druze state under the Mandate
French and Syrian province, Druze, with their anchor
territorial and military power were integrated, not without
clashes in Syria after the war. Despite their low weight
population, the Baathist regime has kept the Druze province
in its administrative network, based on the Druze elites
control the region and make allies. This subtle process control
space and community provides an element that can
why Druze lagged uprising
that has engulfed some of the Sunni Arab regions of Syria.

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