Post-Ben Ali Tunisia: The Rise of tribalism solidarity? Back in

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Since the flight of President Ben Ali on January 14, 2011, Tunisians
is seeking a common destiny. The duty of loyalty to the deceased partiÉtat,
RCD 1, clientelism and repression had silenced many
divisions and claims, often legitimate, until cellesci
ablaze the country after the immolation of Mohamed young
Bouazizi on 17 December 2010. Now that the system is benaliste
dropped and the police, discredited, deserted public space,
social, economic and regional political fractures resurface.
We account, one gauge, one distrusts, movement of strikes and marches
the UGTT 2 intimidation Salafist operations. And the result of
elections to the Constituent Assembly in October 2011, placing the Islamists
Ennahdha first position, only exacerbated the antagonisms
and resentment: Islamists against leftists, against supporters of Sharia
advocates a "civilian" government, if not secular, young "revolutionaries"
against representatives of the political class, the poor within 3 against
privileged Sahel 4, "Bedouin" against Beldis 5, etc..

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