Towards sustainable polarization of Lebanese politics?

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Lebanese parliamentary elections gave their verdict on June 7
2009 with an unexpected victory of the "pro-Western majority one."
They spent almost perfect polarization between two camps,
which is almost a first in the Cedar country except in the Arab world 2.

Therefore, it is not uninteresting to consider sustainability
potential of this phenomenon, which could be put in place since 2006
because of two events: first, the boycott of institutions by
two Shiite formations (Amal and Hezbollah) following the establishment
progressive of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and failover in
opposition Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) predominantly Christian
Michel Aoun, and secondly, because he believed, among other grievances,
neglected by the majority. It has signed an agreement document
with Hassan Nasrallah, however long he fought on the map
policy. This major development, because of its many implications
potential local or regional level, and will be analyzed
beforehand. Then, it should be noted that the cohesion of the majority
extremely fragile, mainly due to procrastination Walid
Jumblatt which partly explained by policy easing that
attempts to boost Barack Obama, making uncertain confrontation
on both sides.

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