Algeria, facing the crisis

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We purposely chose this title because the plural issue
the future of Algeria can play through the configuration of a set of
multiple crises that will decide his fate. The global economic crisis
is not the only factor; Algerian problems rely on a range
combining political crisis (post-Bouteflika), the social crisis (food and
provide work for a population half within five years)
crisis system (democratic transition and radical Islam) and finally,
geostrategic crisis: what role for Algeria in a world very
profound change. In 1962, many were convinced that Algeria
went down with the departure of the French. In 1993, many thought
this country disappear, either chaos or an Islamic dictatorship
radical. In 2009, the question of the future of Algeria is always asked.
Despite all this land is ... somehow, but it is. What we
us ask today is a future in accordance with its capabilities
(great), human resources (large) and its problems
(huge). But what we see so far is the persistence of
its traditional problems: control of power by the elite revolutionary
post-revolutionary; waste of state resources, facilitating a
Islamism facade; growth of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)
brain drain.

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