Algeria and Sahel: from the end of the isolation to the binding

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The Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb activism in the Sahel region
poses serious challenges to the national security of Algeria. At the rebellion
Tuareg long been considered one abscess
because of its potential impact on the Algerian territory, came
grafted a deterritorialized and transnational terrorism, making
Algerian security issue in relation to this area, yet
more complex.
It is recognized that the global campaign against terrorism offers
Algeria the opportunity to establish itself as a major player and the same
opportunity to recognize its international role, the insertion in the Sahel
overall strategy carries new constraints. Thus routes do we
towards regionalization of the fight against terrorism as an extension of
the global campaign to defined by the United States contours. There emerges
the issue of this article: how Algeria is she fits
this regionalization? Does it succeed in imposing its role in a region
where struggles are intensifying?

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