National Construction and diasporization territoriality: the Pal

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Signed in September 1993, the Oslo Accords were supposed to lead in
Within five years, the final settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute,
and by extension, the Arab-Israeli conflict. A viable Palestinian state, the
internationally recognized borders, would eventually emerge on land
gradually "liberated" West Bank and Gaza, while
questions relating to refugees, Jerusalem, security and settlement
should be resolved at the end of so-called permanent status negotiations. of
Palestinians, it must be there the culmination of a national construction
started immediately after the exodus of 1948 (the Nakba), first through the
transmission by the first refugees from the memory of the lost Palestine
younger generations, and then under the auspices of the release
of Palestine (PLO), through the formation of a collective identity character
transcending national boundaries and legal status conferred by country

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