Migrants in a Beirut suburb

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Reading of the work on migration in the Middle East can
to outline the results of the massive development of migrations
non-Arabs. It shows that these people generate and introduce
changes in urban spaces. Advances in the description of
spatial mobility and social arising, however, remain insufficient
to understand how these changes take place and the role and
the place occupied migrants. Indeed, there are few studies on
integration of migrants in the city modes and relations
they have with its various "places" or "circles", despite the
a more or less sustainable many of their locations. how
these new workers and especially workers whose statutes point
legal terms are different ("refugees", "temporary workers", "undocumented migrants
, "Etc.). Did they become visible in the city and more specifically
in some areas, and how their presence puts it to the test
pre-established socialization or historically constituted?

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