GC201311135 ART. From “arrangement" to “organization", an essay on the means of management

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The word “management”, before being used with regard to the government of private enterprises, commonly referred to the arrangements based on precise measurements and calculations for regularizing behavior. The engineers who claimed to be practicing scientific management at the turning point between the 19th and 20th centuries organized industrial labor by applying purportedly objective arrangements. The scope of what could conceivably be “arranged” started changing; not only were facts arranged, but the “arrangements” themselves too. Modern theorists of management have extended the application of managerial arrangements to the social structure of organizations and the subjectivity of individuals . By concentrating on the principle of “organization”, they have shown how import ant the “logic of arrangements” is for conceiving of the administration of firms. T hey have unconsciously paid their debt toward the authors of books on farms an d house hold “management” during the 19th century.

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