DP2015137 Art. The experience of a french architect in the building of a palace in China

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Although French and Chinese have different standards regarding palaces, the Chinese government has requested the French expertise in terms of preservation of heritage and hospitality to build hotels. Tourism in China has flourished and accommodation must develop to meet this demand, palaces standards have to follow this trend. Palaces are synonymous of social success for customers, but also a place where modernity, haute cuisine and culture are accessible.

Keywords: Heritage restoration, high-end Asian hospitality, preservation of identity, the exchange program, new experience, social success, historical and architectural heritage, quality research, new research, cultural research, French standards and Chinese staff, surface, rule of Feng Shui.

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The introduction of international practices in Vietnam's management seems to stumble on some cultural behavior. Rather than examine a hypothetical change in values​​, it is to understand the idea that actors have of the place of the individual and his relation to others in the Vietnamese context. From a comparison line by line of a code of business ethics and its Vietnamese translation, we will highlight in this article two very different conceptions of the relationship to the world and good governance. It is from this understanding of the differences between these two cultural worlds that companies could adapt their management practices to local conditions.

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