GC201311434 ART. The emergence of a dominant design in aeronautics from 1890 to 1935

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A historical approach can, under certain methodological conditions, help us better understand how a design becomes dominant and is replaced, as this analysis of developments in the aeronautics industry from 1890 to 1935 shows. During this period, two designs successively dominated: the biplane and then the monoplane. Although changes in a prevailing design are usually set down to technological breakthroughs, modifications in the nature of demand can also play a part in this process.

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The introduction of international practices in Vietnam's management seems to stumble on some cultural behavior. Rather than examine a hypothetical change in values​​, it is to understand the idea that actors have of the place of the individual and his relation to others in the Vietnamese context. From a comparison line by line of a code of business ethics and its Vietnamese translation, we will highlight in this article two very different conceptions of the relationship to the world and good governance. It is from this understanding of the differences between these two cultural worlds that companies could adapt their management practices to local conditions.

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