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Article: Proposal of a model of spaces favorable to strategic capacities

Corinne GRENIER   

Professeure, HDR, Kedge Business School, responsable du Laboratoire « Organisation et système de Santé, Bien-Etre et Politiques Publiques » ; chercheure affiliée à Aix-Marseille Université, Institut de Management Public et Gouvernance territoriale, CERGAM EA4225, 13100 Aix-en-Provence, France 


Numerous economic and legal constraints as well as prevailing institutional isomorphism configure health field, letting consider that strategic margins are there weak. On the contrary, we suggest rethinking these margins in terms of construction of strategic agencies, in a differentiating way, by rejecting duality between on one hand strong regulation by public policies and on the other hand a speech of some professionals of “let us make”.
We make emerge from the 5 articles which constitute this thematic issue a set of concepts which offers theoretical revival, because having all the peculiarity to overtake the terms of the duality which they question, and consequently to restore a certain thickness in our own way to analyze these dualities, allowing to identify and investigate the numerous complexities which cross the health field. Based on Dougherty and Dunne (2010), we propose a theoretical model of spaces favorable to strategic agencies of actors and organizations of the health field. Through such a space, we encourage to reconsider the eminently collective dimension of the field restructuring; not only because this restructuring has to be based on much coordination, but mainly because it can be designed and implemented only in a collective way.

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