DP2015140 Art. Palace cuisine

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A palace reputation depends on the fame of its hosts and on its staff outstanding qualities. César Ritz was the father figure of the first generation of luxury hotels in Europe. The palace receives both regular hosts as well as people from the city. It is both a place to stay, to gather, to meet and to exchange. Immortalized by famous writers its legend actually lives in the present. The palace of high end tradition, became a setting around the meals and a culinary conservatory from generation to generation. Gastronomy only emerged in the 1990s as an element of distinction between institutions. Today, due to customers diversification, French haute cuisine competes with other - less prestigious or foreign cuisines - in the new Parisian palaces acquired or created by Asian investors.

Keywords: Name, host, cuisine, Escoffier, figure, quality of staff, legend, meal, table, kitchen, traditional French « haute » cuisine, Chinese cuisine, chef.

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