DP2015141 Art. Hot chocolate in a gourmet restaurant, Palace taste

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A legendary place, a dedicated staff, and a gourmet cuisine, three elements that form the triptych of the definition of a Palace. The food became an essential element of the Palace only in 1900, thanks to the 'King of Chefs', Auguste Escoffier, who modernized French cuisine to attract a wider audience keen on good taste and quality. He contributed to highlight the chef's expertise, who then began to hold an important place, equal to the Director of the restaurant. Executive Chef of the Hotel Meurice, Christophe Saintagne, defined his vision of what is the specificity of the Food in a French Palace : a bespoke food that adapts to its customers and an illustration of the famous « Art de vivre français ».

Keywords: Beauty, luxury, service, customer knowledge, modern cuisine, Auguste Escoffier, seduction, Le Meurice, history, signature, custom kitchen.

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