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Determinants of the Financial Performance of Major European Banks [extrait BMI 127]

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The purpose of this paper is to question the financial performance of the banking sector measured through their accounting documents. Using a ten-year study based on a sample of the top 50 European banks, we test whether it is possible to detect differences in performance with the application of IFRS. In particular, we examine whether fair value for AFS securities has played an important role in financial performance measure. Our findings show that financial performance stems from business growth and improved margins but also by regulatory constraints specific to the banking system. The fair value has had little impact on the financial performance of banks caused by the variations of AFS securities.Keywords: Financial performance; Banking sector; Fair value; Equity; Tier One.JEL Classification: G21, M41

Auteurs :Gregorio Georges
Extrait de la revue BMI 127


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