The Syrian uprising and its impact on the Turkish-Syrian relatio

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This paper aims to analyze the change in the relationship turcosyriennes
since the beginning of the Syrian uprising in March 2011. during the
previous decade, Turkish-Syrian relations became a partnership
policy at all levels. Especially since 2007, the elements of this
partnership had appeared more visible with the agreement of free trade
cancellation of visas and the establishment of a high strategic consulting.
However, the Syrian uprising is a challenge to this relationship. to
Initially, the Turkish government tried to persuade Bashar to the need to
reform. When these efforts failed, Turkey radically changed its
in favor of the opposition. This article tries to understand the
reasons for this change as well as the specific policies
to support the opposition. Y will be defended the thesis that, despite
active engagement in Syria and the Middle East in general
during the previous decade, the Turkish government saw its influence
with the Syrian regime was reduced and that for the course
events in Syria since the start of the revolt. This paper will examine
the limits of Turkish policy in the field of bilateral relations
and the impact of the Syrian crisis on Turkish politics, domestic
and foreign.

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