The "tribal politics" of the United States in Iraq (2003-2011),

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A politico-military intervention "is carried out largely
coercively but indirect, through a local ally
[the speaker] should help to gain or maintain power one. "without
local relay, the speaker is unable to act or influence strategies
actors in a positive direction to its strategic interests. after a
intervention phase "direct" which coincides with the phase of the fighting,
followed by a more "indirect" phase of the operation that requires support
local. By intervening in Iraq in 2003, the U.S. military has yet very
soon discovered his isolation in place after the short section of
Closed "liberation." The "legacy of mistrust 2" (decades of sanctions,
ambiguous role of the U.S. in the Iran / Iraq war, non-assistance
Shiite uprising after the Gulf War in 1991, lust oil
Iraqi) was too heavy and too recent to overcome.

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