From Al-Qaeda to AQIM, from the overall threat to local threats

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The violent death of Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011, killed by the forces
U.S. special in a suburb of Islamabad, certainly closes
end of a cycle. These life cycles of Al-Qaeda - Jean-Pierre Filiu perceives
January 9 - show an adaptation of the jihadist network often forced to
historical and strategic contingencies of the moment. Since 1992 and
first attack in Aden, officially attributed to Al-Qaeda 2, the two leaders
major "Knights under the Banner of the Prophet," to use
formula after the famous founding text of bin Laden were subject
elusive of all charges. Survive, somehow, it was
overcome - especially when being pursued by the American superpower. Ben
Laden became what anthropologists call the trickster or "demiurge
rogue "that disrupts the creation of world traditions
Indian esoteric 3. With its procession of random killings (including
Muslims were the main victims), it was the disruptive
the global order. Today, Ayman al-Zawahiri has officially resumed
the torch of Al-Qaeda "after consultation". 4 Does he, who was the
theorist of the movement, organizational capacity and, in its way,
the charisma of bin Laden? We know that the character is challenged by
many currents. The future will give us more information about the
internal and external capacity to survive. ...

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