China and the Middle East after the Arab Spring

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The profound changes taking place in recent months in the Middle
East raises many questions about how
great powers manage to maintain their presence in the region.
The United States will they succeed in reassert themselves as the main
political and economic support? The countries of the European Union (EU)
will they rethink their efforts Union for the Mediterranean? And finally,
China can she benefit from these major policy changes,
or rather see his recent breakthroughs in the Middle East be submitted
involved? In recent years, China has gradually
itself as a major player in the region. Multiple agreements
energy exchanges, several forums Sino-Arab cooperation, the
investment growth and a political presence more
net have marked the past decade, and even Israel, long ignored
by Beijing, is considerably closer to the Middle Kingdom. but
this presence is for the time being diffuse and essentially revolved around
bilateral agreements and the development of a true Chinese policy
Middle East remains beyond statements of principle to define.

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