When the Arab world talks about nuclear

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The nuclear non-proliferation is currently experiencing one of those moments
the most crucial and decisive in its short history. May 2010, long
days of the Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation
(NPT) flow in an atmosphere of tension. The treaty is
the cornerstone of the international regime of non-proliferation
Nuclear does not support a second failure as had
marked the 2005 conference. However, if the failure of 2005 was due to
acute unilateralism adopted by the United States at this time, and the
focusing the agenda on the Iranian and North Korean issue - an error
the Obama administration said it wanted to avoid - the odds
failure or success of the 2010 conference are highly dependent
the progress made at the Nuclear gives Middle East.
Considered one of the most disturbed areas - and perhaps also
disrupting world - over a nuclear Middle East than it is
already is hardly possible for the international community.
Recognizing this reality, the new U.S. strategy aims
essentially maintain the nuclear status quo at the regional level
addressing the issue in a comprehensive manner: to bypass the calculations
complexes that dominate the regional security equation and thereafter
may prevent a productive course of the conference, it is
better address issues displaced by the global angle. The ultimate goal of a "world to zero nuclear weapons," the risk of a "race
global arms "and the immediate and imminent threat
"Nuclear terrorism" are not actually that both concepts
keys and unrealistic that embody this new perspective.

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