Governance to governmentality? Public territorial action in Moro

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We will not dwell on the etymology and winding path of the
notion of governance. In France, authors like Patrick Le Gales 1
Bernard Jouve 2 Guy Hermet 3, 4 Jean-Pierre Gaudin, spent y
many reflections and analyzes based on the observation of the complexity
government of cities in developed countries.
Governance now consider a multitude of stakeholders
question the role of the state, generating new relationships between the spheres
private and public, and introduce a new concept of an action
Public regionalised, decentralized and delegated. The end of the welfare state,
the growing role of international institutions, the rise of liberal ideas, have legitimized the redesign of part of the decision is public
become collective, negotiated partnership or on a broader scale
(local, national and international). The relationship between governance and
democracy has gradually emerged from the joint or opposition
between, on one hand, elective democratic (or representative) and, on the other hand,
participatory democracy (or deliberative).

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