The "Sudanese refugee" in Israel speeches, performances, demonst

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Sudan is in a state of civil war for decades 1. In 2003
a rebellion against the central government broke out in Darfur, and in response,
the Sudanese government reacts violently supporting militias
Arab nomadic tribes in the region, the Janjaweed, who destroy villages
Whole Africans non-Arab Muslims. With a record 400 000 deaths
and more than two million displaced, mainly in Chad, Uganda
and Egypt, often the situation is termed the Darfur catastrophe
humanitarian. However, a new destination is now appeared in
routes of forced migrants Sudanese Israel. Since Egypt
many Sudanese, without hope of being resettled by UNHCR (High
Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations) in the West, decided to
sail to Libya, but since the police crackdown in December 2005
Cairo, a few thousand are also trying their luck in Israel, through
the border illegally in the Sinai desert.

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