PI2015131 EvaluatIon of pastoral resources in Nigerian Sahel

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This study was done in the pastoral zone of Niger. The objectives are to: test the stability of estimating biomass MEIA model, compare the performance of the full and maximum NDVI SPOT VEGETATION and eMODIS by using field data collected from 2001 to 2012 by the Ministry of Livestock and Animal Industries (MEIA) of Niger. We used simple linear regression method to
calculate the coefficients of determination and root mean square errors on all the series, by bioclimatic zone and then year by year. The results showed that R² varies depending on the year between 0.52 and 0.73 (p <.0001), the coefficient of determination is higher in the northern Sahelian and Saharan zones than in the typical Sahelian zone. The annual RMSE vary between 120 and 460 kg DM / ha. Nonparametric tests comparing average (Wilcoxon and signs) have shown that there is no significant difference to use SPOT VEGETATION or eMODIS (full or maximum). This intercomparibility of earth observation data is a way to insure products without interruption and with the capability for users to use one source of data or the other without risk of information loss.


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