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Life-cycle assessments (LCA), proceedings of the symposium organized by AFITE on 17 November 2011

Pierre Couveinhes

Alain Rousse

LCA’s place in sustainable development policies

Analyzing the life cycle: Public authorities’ viewpoint
Dominique Dron

Life-cycle assessment, a tool or drawback for a firm’s competitiveness?
Sophie Costedoat

LCA: History, uses and prospects

Eco-efficiency, life-cycle analysis and eco-design: Interrelations, challenges and prospects
Philippe Schiesser

Analyzing the life cycle of a product or service: Applications and practices
Philippe Osset

Environmental labels: Information for both consumers and manufacturers
Christine Cros

Applying LCA to complex biotechnical systems: At the frontier of science?
Véronique Bellon-Maurel, Cécile Bessou, Guillaume Junqua, Laurent Lardon, Eléonore Loiseau, Catherine Macombe, Eva Risch and Philippe Roux

The issues and perils of ecolabels
Dr Jérôme Payet

Testimony from stakeholders: The uses and limits of LCA

Analyzing the life cycle of processes for recycyling used tires: Feedback from experience and added value
Catherine Clauzade, Charlotte Hugrel, Magali Palluau and Philippe Osset

LCA and recycling worn-out products — Attribution of the environmental impacts of up- and downstream life cycles
Philippe Osset, Catherine Clauzade, Charlotte Hugrel and Magali Palluau

An original approach to integrating ecodesign in the supply chain: CORINE, a European research project
Pierre Garçon

Innovative solutions for reducing environmental footprints: Total’s Ecosolutions program
Yves Germain

The “Score LCA” research project: Objectives and organization
Denis Le-Boulch

Life-cycle assessment in firms
Pierre-Marie Guineheuc

Analyzing a product’s life cycle and protecting the environment: LCA’s pertinence and limits — an association’s viewpoint
Penelope Vincent-Sweet

Twenty years of life-cycle assessment: A user’s experience and thoughts
Rémi Guillet

Issue editors: Myriam Merad and Rémi Guillet


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