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Standards: Principles, history, trends and prospects

Marie-Josèphe Carrieu-Costa and Alan Bryden
Foreword: The World Trade Organization and international standards
Pascal Lamy
Standards: History, principles and issues
A few key dates in the history of standards
Alan Bryden
Making standards and reaching a consensus
Olivier Peyrat
Assessing compliance with standards and building trust
Daniel Pierre
Standards for channeling the ocean of data
Isabelle Boydens
Are standards and innovation antagonistic or complementary?
Jean-Charles Guibert and Michel Neu
Many fields of application and high, global stakes
Between firms and standards: A marriage of convenience?
Dominique Hoestlandt
Standards for the building industry: The viewpoint of the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment
Carole Le Gall
The building trade, standards and architects
Adrienne Costa
Wikipedia, a project without standards?
Alexandre Moatti and Rémi Bachelet
Standards, security and societal responsibility
The contribution of standards to public policies in favor of sustainable development
Viviane Apied
How standards contribute to industrial safety and security
Jacques Repussard and Fabienne Ramirez
Environmental security in the service of human health
Marc Mortureux
Societal responsibility, a new frontier for making standards
Pierre Mazeau
Minutes of the conference “Financial instruments for coping with the risks of disasters in France and the world” organized by the Association française pour la Prévention des Catastrophes Naturelles and the Conseil général de l’Économie, de l’Industrie, de l’Énergie et des Technologies
Session of 2 March 2011: The French system for insuring natural risks is being reformed
Pierre-Louis Dubourdeau, Louis Margueritte and Vincent Designolle
Session of 8 March 2011: Global insurance for coping with catastrophes
Luc Delage and Marc Vaucher
Issue editors: Marie-Josèphe Carrieu-Costa and Alan Bryden
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