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Pierre Couveinhes

Claire Tutenuit

Factors, issues and economic aspects

What is biodiversity? What are the factors of attrition?
Gilles Bœuf

Biodiversity and sustainable development: The stakes in “environmental recapitalization”
Bernard Chevassus-au-Louis

Ecosystemic services and their value
Xavier Bonnet and Hélène LEMAÎTRE-CURRI

Is taxation related to biodiversity?
Guillaume Sainteny

The national strategy for biodiversityOdile Gauthier and Paul DELDUC

The national strategy for biodiversity: Progress toward pluralism and the diversity of collective decision-making
Michel Juffé

Agriculture, territorial development and biodiversity

Agriculture et biodiversity: Kindred prospects
Marion Guillou and Claire ROGEL-GAILLARD

The windfall from the discovery of the origin of apple trees
Catherine Peix

Bees and biodiversity
Discussion between Philippe Lecompte and Claire Tutenuit

Agriculture and biodiversity
Éric Giry

Environmental compensation “if possible” under the 1976 Act on the Protection of Nature: An obligation for everyone
Laurent Piermont and Philippe Thiévent

Biodiversity and linear infrastructures: RTE’s contribution to the Blue and Green Corridors
Jean-François Lesigne

Science, industry and biodiversity

Interfaces between the scientific community and society, or the need for a dialog between science and society on issues related to biodiversity
Hélène Leriche

Firms, players in biodiversity
Claire Tutenuit

The irreducible diversity of biodiversity indicators
Denis Couvet

How to expand awareness so that the public adapts its behavior to biodiversity?
Allain Bougrain-Dubourg

Assessing nature and ecosystems: The case of the United Kingdom
Jean-Philippe Lafontaine

Issue editor: Claire Tutenuit



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