Orientalism and the failure of British policy in the Middle East

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There is a dichotomy between researchers who have written about the end of
the British Empire. Literary critics and historians specialists
culture, which were sometimes grouped under the heading of post-colonialism, have
generated a steady stream of commentary and criticism in response to ideas
Orientalism by Edward Said, although their methodology was different,
they were all reluctant to examine the archives of the State. the second
group adopted the traditional historians of diplomacy
based on a reading of the archives of the metropolitan power;
they remained hostile to ideas and provocations of Orientalism 1.
The reasons for this division should be examined, but it can be
useful to indicate two potential benefits of implementing some of the
Said the ideas of British diplomacy decolonization. The first is that the state archives and the memoirs of politicians
corroborate the thesis that Said argues that the West has created an image
the East antithetical to their notion of Western values. it is assumed
Orientalist ideas that often prevailed in the government;
but, when the attacks on the work of Said proliferate evidence
relations with policy formulation reaffirm the relevance of
work 2. Second, diplomatic historians review
presuppositions policymakers provides a way to escape
circularity that identifies the national interest as both what states
do and why they do it.

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