GC201311134 ART. The family’s role in the strategy and governance of firms:

Author : BATAC Julien
Type d'édition : Papier
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Research on family businesses is growing strongly (Zellweger et al., 2010). Yet, the dynamics caused by the evolution of the family-business relationship over time (Gersick et al., 1997) on strategic directions remain little explored. This paper presents the originality to consider strategy in the family business by combining strategic analysis and governance of this specific form of business. The empirical study is based on a longitudinal case of a family business, Translog, established in 1946 and which provides access to sixty years of data, primary and documentary. The results show the existence of strategic episodes evolving with family dynamics and governance of the company, from the complete melting of the family and the business to the transformation of the family as a true and independent partner.

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