The Maghreb, the uma, the European Union and France

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In recent months, a number of commentators believed they could analyze
uprisings that shook all or part of the Maghreb - in degrees
various - with grills sometimes prolonged reading those they
used in previous weeks, but often the overturned
radically (it is the lot of all commentators) and the exhaust
democracy and civil liberties, rejection of nepotism, corruption
a society and the misappropriation of public goods, the weight of the
youth or youth unemployment. All this has already been mentioned, but
rarely in a way that would have suggested a real cauldron
would engulf an entire region and even beyond. The problems
question had yet been analyzed, taken in many studies and
disseminated in journals, well before the uprising was going
about Tunisia (since everything is out of the country), then the whole
Maghreb and even a part of the Middle East. But a revolution is
not always predictable. How to plan an event, judged and treated
usually as a simple news, may, without warning, trigger
a set of reactions and reactions against, causing a day without
we know why or how a revolution?

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